POMSAC (Port Moresby Sub Aqua Club) is your way to experience the colours and sights of underwater life around Port Moresby.

We are a club affiliated to the RPYC, run by volunteers for our members. Trips are offered on a weekly basis catering to divers, freedivers, snorkelers and beach lovers.

The waters of Fairfax harbour, the outlying islands and nearby reef are perfect venues for experiencing a pristine and unspoilt marine environment. The range of coral and marine life is exceptional.

The following persons should join POMSAC:

  • Persons who love being in the water
  • Persons who love seeing what’s in the water when they are in that water
  • Persons who particularly love swimming in warm tropical waters
  • Persons who particularly love that those warm tropical waters contain coral reefs and shipwrecks housing an abundance of marine life
  • Persons who love underwater documentaries such as Planet Blue and Finding Nemo
  • Persons who are intrigued as to why that mass of water between PNG and Australia is called the Coral Sea
  • Persons who look out plane windows and wonder what’s in those turquoise reefs so close to Port Moresby
  • Persons who love to do the above with other persons who also happen to love doing the above
If you are one of those persons then think of this as you sweat your way through a workweek in Moresby:
  • There is a club at the RPYC that goes out from the RPYC in small groups, to those very waters, nearly every weekend
  • That same club has a boat fully fitted for diving and snorkelling, with a crew and trip leaders that know the great places hiding under the surface
  • Those great places are so close and the boats is so fast you’ll be back at the RPYC in time for lunch, feeling like you’ve just been on a holiday
  • Did we say you don’t have to buy a boat?