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Junior Sailing Division

Courses offered by the Junior Sailing Division of RPYC are aimed at boys and girls aged 7-15 years

Initial training consists of 5 x 2hour Introductory Course using the plastic training Optimists. During this course the children are taught the basics of sailing, which includes, rigging a boat as well as safety of the water. Training is conducted by experienced instructors and occurs within the confines of the marina.

Stage 2:

Sees the children move onto the fiberglass Optimists, which are used for racing. This course also consists of 5 x 2 hour sessions. During this course children are introduced to racing techniques, rules etc. Training occurs outside the marina.

Stage 3:

Is a recent addition to the Training schedule of the Junior Sailing Division and is aimed at those children who have successfully completed stage 2 and would like to continue sailing with the intention of joining the racing Squad.

  • The Racing Squad consists of the senior sailors who have been sailing for a while. They train every weekend in order to sharpen their racing skills.
  • Experience and extremely competent volunteers do all instruction, with courses being held over weekends.
  • Regattas are held during the course of the year and all the kids are encouraged to compete.

Pre-requisites for children wanting to learn to sail are:

  • Aged 7 and 15 years
  • Must be a confident swimmer and be able to swim at least 25m unaided.
  • Must be able to tread water for at least 2 mins.

Registration forms are available from the Reception Desk at RPYC.

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