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RPYC’s Vision 2015

Commodores Cocktail  Speech – Saturday 11 April 2015

1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Commodores cocktail which, obviously precedes the launch of the sailing and boating season

2. On behalf of the EC I thank you all for giving us the privilege to provide stewardship over this wonderful club of ours in the next 12 months. I know there are challenges. We have a diverse team bringing different skill sets and experiences to the table and we look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. We will of course engage with you and have ongoing conversations on issues that matter to all of us

3. May I take this opportunity to thank the past Commodores and their executives for laying the foundations and building the club up to where it is today. I want to again on all our behalf thank Sir Dadi Toka for making this land available enabling RPYC to relocate to this premier location and put in all these facilities

4. Certainly we want to also thank the last commodore and his EC for their contributions in the last 12 months. We will continue to see through some of the projects that they have initiated, especially the current works on facilities improvement.

5. But there is still much to be done.   We are a “broad church” with a membership that has varied expectations of its club.  We will review the 5 year strategic plan to ensure it aligns with expectations of the broader membership, which we will verify via our membership database and the survey.  The club has the rights to further space into the harbour – we will actively explore options to make use of this space with further mariner facilities with more space for hard stand, engineering and chandlery facilities.

6. Any expansion to the club outward is limited by space. The only way is upwards. We need to maximise the limited space that we have. Wouldn't it be nice to have a swimming pool so mums and dads and the children can come and have a nice family day out or evening by the pool side. Wouldn't it be nice to have a first class menu that is appetising and enticing so members and guests can come and discuss business, family and sports on the dinner table in the restaurant, as well value for money counter meals in the bar area. Wouldn't it be nice to have a good board room and conference facilities so we can attract the corporate community to conduct some of their business from within the club facilities.

All of these will require money. It will also require a review of the way the club conducts its business. We will need a marketing strategy to grow the membership and target corporate clients and business houses. This should be "the place" for all their needs. We should offer well targeted sponsorship opportunities.  We will continue to pursue new revenue streams, efficiencies in our own practices, business opportunities and commercial undertakings that will benefit the members.

7. Vision: We envision our club Royal Papua Yacht Club to be the premier yachting and boating club in the country and a preferred club of choice in the community with outstanding facilities, programs and service. The club will strive to be the preferred community for its members.

8. Values: 

We are focused on a set of values which are central to our vision and all that we do

One Club
A yacht club is what it is a yacht club. The club will support the use of club facilities including the marina and the club house for the diverse range of activities from sailing, boating and other sea activities as well as non-boating and sea activities and land based family and social activities.

Openness, Transparency, Innovation & Continuous Improvement
We are committed to continued success by listening, learning and evolving to meet changing and different needs of different interest groups and demographics. Decision making processes should be open, transparent and rational for the common good of the members.

Service & Direction
We are committed to Forster continued improvement and a drive to excellence in our facilities, training, programming and club management. Our restaurant and bar facilities will strive at 5 star levels of service under positive leadership.

Our People
The club recruits, develops and retains highly professional staff that are; able to deliver consistent high quality service with financial responsibility. The club will endeavour to foster a motivating work environment for our staff.

Fairness & Equity
The club will promote an environment that fosters fairness, equity and respect for gender and social and cultural diversity. Everyone will be treated fairly and equitably regardless of their status within the club.

The club is committed to foster a good relationship with the external community, hosting local and national events (for example the hosting of the sailing in the pacific games), engaging in community service where appropriate, and assisting in developing the next generation of sailors and water sportsmen and women.


9. As a team we are committed to continue to improve the operations, facilities, profitability and service to the members and the community


Welcome again and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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