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Rules of Association

The club is governed by the Rules of Assocation, which you can download here.

UPDATE: The rules have been updated on clause 20 and 21.

Noticeboard ~ Boat for Hire - Available 7 days a week
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Boat for Hire - Available 7 days a week

MV Diana is now available for hire.

  • 7 Days a Week, Available from 9am - 5pm
  • Charter only, for 1 round trip to Fishos
  • Strictly not for fishing & snorkeling off the boat
  • Seats up to 12 Passengers
  • Skipper and Deckhand supplied
  • K1700 Required upfront (K1200 Hire Fee +
  • K500 Bond Fee
  • K500 Bond Fee will be refunded after completion of charter on condition that no damage to the boat or it’s equipment is caused by passengers

For further details or if you would like to hire MV Diana please visit the Marina Office or email: marina_admin@rpyc.com.pg

Download the flyer

Noticeboard ~ Notice for Intending Boat Buyers,Marina Berth or Hardstand - 2017
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Notice for Intending Boat Buyers,Marina Berth or Hardstand - 2017


Notice for Intending Boat Buyers, Marina Berth or Hardstand Occupiers


BEFORE you buy a boat, acquire a berth &/or hardstand storage please ensure that you obtain confirmation from RPYC. We also ask that if you want to bring your vessel in from outside/overseas you are to see Marina Administration to register and secure a berth and/or hardstand space before you bring in your Boat, Kayak, Canoe, Ski, Hobie or Dinghy.

If you intend to liveaboard, ensure that the boat will be allowed to be used as liveaboard.  Do not assume that because it has been lived on before that this approval will continue.

As a new owner you must apply to the club to obtain the berth – it is not automatic, though the transfer will not unreasonably be withheld.

The process for the seller and buyer, of boats, is as follows:

Per Lease - In the event the Occupant sells the Vessel he shall notify the Club of the sale within seven (7) days, and the Occupant’s entitlement to use the Berth / Hardstand Station shall terminate forthwith and the Club shall be entitled to re allocate the Berth / Hardstand Station”.

If the intending owner wishes to retain the berth then both the intending owner and current owner /occupant will need to complete the berth transfer procedures. See the Marina Administration to get a berth transfer application form to complete and return to the office for Executive Committee’s inspection and approval.

Should the new intending owner wish to Liveaboard, it will also need to be viewed and approved by the Executive Committee, as an approved Liveaboard vessel. They will inspect the vessel using the liveaboard guidelines. See the Marina Administration office to get a copy of the liveaboard registration form and guidelines for both your information.

After approval of the Berth Transfer & Liveaboard Status you will be required to complete the Marina Berth Occupancy Agreement & agree to comply with the Marina By Laws.

All Boats in the marina and hardstand area must always have valid insurance cover (copies to be sent annually to Marina Administration) and will be required to demonstrate manouverability.

Any Queries – contact the Marina Administration Team – Jossie, Alice, or Eunice at Marina Sports Office ground level.

Noticeboard ~ Dress Code Reminder
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Dress Code Reminder


Acceptable – Tee Shirts allowed on the balcony at any time.

The following are to passed as effective:

At no time scruffy or offensive attire to be allowed.

Tee Shirts on the balcony at any time.
Singlets not allowed in the clubhouse.
Tee Shirts can be worn in the clubhouse until 6pm.
Swimmer not allowed.
Footwear – No thongs allowed in clubhouse except wet-bar.
Sandals allowed – must have straps across the heel.
Women – NO MIDRIFFS – Torso must be covered at all times.

Inside the Clubhouse

No thongs or scuffs.
No singlets.
T-shirts allowed until 6pm (after 6pm – move out onto wet-bar)
No swimmers.
Deck shoes and sandals are allowed provided they are buckled around the heel.
Open heels are allowed for women provided they are not the scuff type or thong.

Club Balcony

Thongs and or scuff are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
T-shirts are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
Singlets not allowed.
Stubby shorts are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
Swimmers not allowed.

Club Balcony after 6pm

On all weekdays and after 6pm weekends – same rules apply as those for the clubrooms inside.


Basically any dress standards are allowed provided all members have footwear and have on a shirt and a pair of shorts.


Noticeboard ~ Guidelines for Live Aboard Vessels - 2017
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Guidelines for Live Aboard Vessels - 2017


Guidelines for Live Aboard Vessels


The Existing Occupancy agreement denotes Live Abroad criteria as being subject to 4 main areas, with the main description in point

(I) the vessel is of sufficient size, is safely manoeuvrable under it’s own power and suitably equipped to sustain living on board. Unfortunately, this description does not fully clarify “Live Aboard” criteria and in order to defuse any confusion, the following guidelines have been developed and are effective immediately.

1. Vessel Length a minimum of 34’ or 10.36m (Deck Length)

2. Shower/Toilet cubicle must be fitted.

3. Boats shall not discharge any untreated sewage or otherwise empty latrines into the Marina. Unless fitted with Holding tanks or Lectra Sans (or similar), occupants must at all times utilise the onshore facilities provided. Must met minimal requirements for plumbing (macerated toilet minimum).

4. Cooking (ie 2 Burner/hot plate stove or microwave) & Refrigeration facilities.

5. Permanent berths/bedding for the number of approved persons.

6. Engine Capabilities to adequately manoeuvre the vessel.

7. Approve Shore Power connection.

8. Adequate Water Storage facilities.

9. Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment as specified.

10. The vessel must be clean, tidy and in a good undamaged condition.

NB: These are intended as a minimum guideline only and may on application to the RPYC be amended dependent upon the vessel’s configuration and length of stay.

Noticeboard ~ Commodore’s Speech 2016 Mid Year Info Session
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Commodore’s Speech 2016 Mid Year Info Session

Commodore Genia’s Speech midyear Information Meeting – 2016


Members of the Royal Papua Yacht Club, fellow Committee members, Club Management, I would like to warmly welcome you to the 2016 midyear information session where we provide you with an update on the operations, activities and direction of where your club is heading.

The year is proving to be a challenging one. We started the year with a major and overdue renovation to our kitchen.  Whilst the required outcomes were met there was no escaping that it took the month of January out of circulation for restaurant revenue in food and beverage. In short we missed out on some K280,000 in revenue.

We welcomed our new General Manager, Mr Aaron Batts, in February who has now settled in and we are seeing some positive initiatives moving into the second half of the year. After sending out the member’s survey (to which we had over 402 responses), we established the key areas of concern reported by you the members.

We moved the security contractor out and took on additional internal security staff to encompass and monitor the entire club in line with direct Member feedback. This has decreased costs and increased member satisfaction. We have also secured the role of a Club Manager whom will commence later this month, which will increase staff competence and ultimately improve the day to day running of the Club floor operations. Another initiative that has been executed is the integration of the Marina and Sports Office. This has consolidated and centralized all administration which will immediately improve the overall communication between departments.

Administratively we have now converted to transactive banking improving back office efficiency and security including the appointment of an internal auditor who focuses on stock takes, daily trading variances etc.

Food Gross Profit (G.P) is performing better than previous years but we are confident can still be improved on; menus are now being changed regularly with the next menu change scheduled for September, and our weekday night themes have changed including German Nights, Pasta Nights to name a couple. Our pre-prepared foods in both the Café and the restaurant have dramatically improved with pastries and desserts, according to direct feedback from our members. Our new Sunday Breakfast buffet has also recently commenced.

Sails café continues to grow both in Food and Beverage with the addition of a new 3D Board menu, and long awaited shadecloth for the children’s playground. We thank our sponsors for these fantastic inclusions (Paradise Food and Beverages).

We recently signed our new agreement with SP Brewery locking in pricing on particular products for our members both on tap and by individual unit, and we continue to negotiate with them re renovations to the wetbar area. You may note we have the lowest prices for our members on these products. We finally filled our quota of 50 pokie machines with the latest NGCB games in the Gaming Room.

The marina continues to see ongoing R&M with equipment only recently arriving after being in transit for 6months from the retailer delaying execution of our scheduled maintenance program. Composite thru rods giving longevity to our pontoons are being installed and whalers being replaced

Of significant achievement was the opening of our new state of the art fuel facility. RPYC first looked into upgraded fuel facilities back in 2014 with Interoil. After Puma took over the retail fuel business, the scope changed to completely replace the old refueling facility with a new facility that could be utilized and enjoyed by members (both boating and for vehicles) for years into the future.

Modern bowsers, including high flow bowsers and state of the art safety equipment are no win place. We also negotiated an agreement whereby funds generated from the PUMA ferry will go towards forecasted improvements of the club such as the Children’s Splash park that is still scheduled to commence in the final quarter of 2016.

The Sailing division has been organizing the participation in the Coral Sea Yacht Race and Sail 2 Indonesia Rally for 2017, and has the 3 Peaks race on this Saturday with media coverage and a solid participation of vessels. The marina itself has had 19 visiting Vessels in the first 6months and remains at an Occupancy of 89% (228 out of 256 berths). We negotiated for 12 of the pacific games boats (lasers and hobies) this year at no cost to the club which are out on weekends being used by members and cadets. We are pushing the Learn to Sail program and have actively engaged several primary schools in the local district giving them an insight to the world of Sailing and Yacht clubs; our future potential members. The division has also hosted Navigation courses as well.

POMSAC’s membership has increased with more interest in weekend dives and snorkeling. The club is currently looking into options to run additional vessels on the weekend in line with this demand.

After a lengthy delay we also saw PACSAR back in the water, after some serious damage incurred whilst rescuing a visiting yacht, and a great response from Volunteers for 2016 whom we acknowledge; I also acknowledge Sue and Dave Thompson for their dedication to PMGFC over the years (and specifically the Joker Draw) and would also like to congratulate Mr. Craig Burrows on his appointment as President of PMGFC who continue to run Fishing events, Pewee Fishing and competitions.

On the note of welcoming, we have also filled the roles of Honorary Treasurer, Mr. Terry Furphy and Social Secretary, Mrs. Sandra Furphy who are both actively pushing for better results whether financial or fun for our members. We have re-introduced ladies sunset club, trivia nights, kids and adults movie nights, new bands for the jam session, new international bands, Produce and Art markets, and many more options for members this year from a club social point of view. Internal digital advertising has also been an initiative this year with 3 dedicated TV’s and a projector promoting events and social functions.

I must report, however, the first half of the year has not all been smooth sailing, we have seen a 23% downturn in membership, indicative of the current economic climate we face in Papua New Guinea.  We continue to see approx. 50 new members join our club on a monthly basis, and this has raised the question of flexibility of memberships and we are looking into new membership structures that we can offer to reflect the changing environment.  

We recognize that there is not just lower membership but also new restaurant and bar competition.  We are actively looking for ways to counteract these outside influences, including the review of membership and increased social and sporting activity.

We have worked on better interaction and communication distribution to our members than ever before. Our E Newsletters have an improved Click through rate, and we have worked on increasing our member email address book -  which are 12% or 200 plus up on last year. We are driving the online presence with Facebook, social media and our website. Our members can now log on through the website portal.  By the end of this year we will have an online Bill pay service for our members and will have a new Wi-Fi for the entire Club floor with Sails Café as a Hotspot.

Rena Masters our Vice Commodore has been vigilant in driving and encouraging new activities to the club and improving communications; we are in discussions at the moment with PNG Triathlon, who see the potential of operating as a sub club under the RPYC’s banner which again increases exposure, activity and works within our governance and mission statement. We are constantly looking for new and different ideas to promote activity and membership.

Our engagement with you the members is on a continual basis, whether it be the choice of colour palate you want the external of the building to be painted or call for assistance with our Splash Park concept.

As valued members if you have suggestions on improving any part of our Club we want to hear from you; please channel your comments through to club management, attention to the Executive Committee.

Ladies and Gentlemen I thank you for your time and I propose that if you have any questions or suggestions that we leave these until after the Treasurer presents his report also.  Accordingly I hand you over to the Honorary Treasurer, Mr. Terry Furphy.


Commodore Kilroy Genia

9 August 2016

Noticeboard ~ Options for Rule Changes to be put at the next AGM
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Options for Rule Changes to be put at the next AGM


Options for Rule Changes to be put to members at the next AGM


In the March 2015 AGM, members passed measures to modernise some of the governance structures of the Club, setting out more properly the roles of the Flag, EC, and General Manager in particular. This saw the GM role become much more of a “CEO” role, reporting to a Board of Directors, rather than the previous model which saw the EC more directly run the Club.

We should not stop here. Reform is an ongoing process, and there are a number of areas where the Rules of Association have not kept up with the growth of the Club, and best business practice. The suggestions below address gaps or flaws in our governance arrangements, improve accountability, enhance stability, and also propose changes to memberships to reflect the often short-term nature of our customers in Port Moresby in a way similar to that taken by other Clubs.

Proposal 1 – The position of Treasurer and lack of an internal audit function

Proposed amendments to Rule 20(g) as follows:

“(g)        Honorary Treasurer

i.      The Honorary Treasurer shall Chair the Finance, Audit and Risk subcommittee.

The role of the Finance, Audit and Risk subcommittee will be to:

  1. Provide advice and support to Club Management to develop and review annually the Club risk management framework;
  2. Provide advice and support to Club Management to develop and operate an internal audit process.


ii.     The Honorary Treasurer shall support and advise the Club Management, when requested, to ensure payments out of Club funds of all accounts are enacted as passed for payment by the Executive Committee, or its delegated officers, upon the ratification of the Board where applicable


iii.    The Honorary Treasurer shall provide support and advice to ensure the Club Management cause to be kept such proper books of accounts and other records as will sufficiently explain the transaction and financial position of the Club and enable true and fair profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and statements required by these Rules to be prepared from time to time and cause those records to be kept in such a manner as to enable them to be conveniently and properly audited.


iv.   The Honorary Treasurer shall present to members at the annual general meeting a duly audited financial statements prepared to Papua New Guinea Institute of Accountants standards for the financial year up to the 31st day of December in the year immediately preceding the date of the meeting, as well as a summary of the activities of the Finance, Audit and Risk subcommittee.


v.    The Honorary Treasurer shall present to members at the August general meeting summary financial statements for the half year up to the 30th day of June immediately preceding the date of the meeting.


vi.   The Honorary Treasurer shall, where required, assist management with support and advice in producing all books and other records required from time to time by the Auditor or Auditors.


vii.  The Honorary Treasurer shall support and advise Club Management in preparing projected budgets and business plan for presentation to the executive committee prior to the 1st of December each year.


viii. At the monthly meeting of the executive committee, the Honorary Treasurer shall be available for review of a summarised financial statement, which shall highlight all major expense items, for the financial activities of the club for the preceding month for Club Management should advice and support be requested”


Rationale: - There is currently no internal audit function within the Club and no risk management framework, contrary to good governance practice. The Club is now big enough that both are required in order to assure ourselves and members that our approach to financial & stock controls is documented & rigorous, and that our understanding of risk and loss is improved.


Proposal 2 - Code of Conduct for Officers, FAB, and members of controlling committees and subcommittees.


Insert a new Rule 52 as follows:


52.          Officers, members of the Board, and members of controlling committees and subcommittees are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:


  1. Office-holders should act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the Club as a whole.
  2. Office-holders have a duty to use care and diligence in fulfilling the functions of office and exercising the powers attached to that office.
  3. Office-holders should use the powers of office for a proper purpose, in the best interests of the Club as a whole.
  4. Office-holders should recognise that the primary responsibility is to the Club as a whole but may, where appropriate, have regard for the interest of other stakeholders of the Club.
  5. Office-holders should not make improper use of information acquired as an Office-holder.
  6. Office-holders should not take improper advantage of the position of Office-holder.
  7. Office-holders should properly declare and manage any conflict or perceived conflict of interest with the Club.
  8. Office-holders have an obligation to be independent in judgement and actions and to take all reasonable steps to be satisfied as to the soundness of all decisions taken by the Executive Committee, Board or relevant Committee on which they sit.
  9.  Confidential information received by Office-holders in the course of the exercise of duties remains the property of the Club and it is improper to disclose it, or allow it to be disclosed, unless that disclosure has been authorised by the Club, or the person from whom the information is provided, or is required by law.
  10. Office-holders should not engage in conduct likely to bring discredit upon the Club.
  11. Office-holders has an obligation, at all times, to comply with the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law and with the principles of this Code.


  •   The suggested Code is directly modelled on the Australian Institute of Company Directors Code of Conduct. Some of this will exist in Company law, and there are the broad “show cause” provisions, however this would serve to make clearer the ethics expected of senior management and other Office-holders.


Proposal 3 - Shorter-term memberships and Social Memberships

1.            Amend Rule 9 to change the following with effect from 1 January 2017:

      (a)    Full membership;

2.            Amend Rule 9 to add a new sub-class of member:

  1. Social membership



3.            Amend rule 10 as follows with effect from 1 January 2017:

10.          FULL MEMBERSHIP

(a)          Full membership may be granted to persons of either sex.

(b)          Ordinary members are eligible to vote at general meetings, to stand for election as Officers, subject to rule 35 (b), Board Members and to take part in Club competitions.

(c)           Full membership fees shall be set at a rate 25% greater than Social memberships, with any future changes subject to Rule 40.

4.            Amend the Rules with effect from 1 January 2017 to replace the terms “ordinary membership” and “ordinary members” and “ordinary member” with the terms “full membership” and “full members” and “full member” respectively wherever the term appears.

5.            Create a new Rule 15A:

15A.       Social memberships

(a)          Social memberships may be granted to persons of either gender.

(b)          Social members are not eligible to vote at general meetings or to stand for election as Officers or Board Members but may take part in Club Championships, competitions and may use and enjoy all the facilities and privileges of the Club.

(c)           Social memberships may be granted for periods of 12, 6 and 3 months on application.

(d)          Social memberships may be single or family memberships

(e)          Social membership fees shall be the same as ordinary membership fees as set from 1 January 2016 (where these are for a 12-month period), no more than 7 months pro-rata of such fees (where the membership is for a 6-month period), and no more than 4 months pro-rata of such fees (where the membership is for  3-month period).

(f)           Future changes to Social membership fees shall be subject to Rule 40.


Rationale – this practice is similar to that employed by similar Clubs and recognises that a large number of people simply do not join or renew memberships where they are expecting to be in country for less than 12 months. A significant part of the membership base is drawn from those who are here on 3-year contracts, or less, which may not start or finish around the start/end of a calendar year. It also draws a distinction between those who wish to be active in Club meetings, governance and leadership, and members who do not, with a corresponding variation in fees.


Proposal 4 - Increase the EC/Management spend limit without FAB clearance to K100,000

Amend Rule 30 (a), (b) and (c) so that the term K50,000 where it appears reads instead “K100,000”.


  • – K50,000 is not a sensible limit on capex spending for an organisation of the current turnover and size. Key marker Clubs operate at a K100,000 limit before controlling approval is required. By way of context, the Club fortnightly payroll is about K80,000, and our monthly electricity bill is over K100,000. The proposal does not otherwise change FAB role or power of veto.





Proposal 5 – Change Executive Committee officeholder terms of office to 2 years, with half-Committee elections at each AGM


Amend Rule 19 as follows with effect from 1 January 2017:





(a)          There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following officers: The Commodore; The Vice Commodore; Rear Commodore; Marina Captain; The Honorary Secretary; The Honorary Assistant Secretary; The Honorary Treasurer; The Social Secretary; and Three General Committee persons.


(b)          Subject to the provisions of this Rule and of Rule 21 at least six positions on the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


(c)           Subject to this rule, each member of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to remain in office for two years where they have been elected by an Annual General Meeting held in or after 2017. They shall vacate office at the Annual General Meeting which takes place  two years after their election, however, subject to these rules, may seek re-election at that Annual General Meeting.


(d)          Members of the Executive Committee appointed pursuant to Rule 21(c)(ix) shall vacate office at the first Annual General Meeting following their appointment.  


(e)          Where there are not six vacancies among the members of the Executive Committee at any Annual General Meeting by virtue of subclauses (c) and (d) of this rule, vacancies to take effect at the next Annual General Meeting shall be selected by one of the following means to achieve the required number of vacancies:

                (i)            The Commodore may ask for volunteers to vacate office; or

                (ii)           The Commodore may cause the Honorary Secretary to draw lots;


(f)           Members identified pursuant to subclause (e) above shall vacate office at the next Annual General Meeting, however, subject to these rules, may seek re-election at that Annual General Meeting.

(g)          If they are not otherwise elected as Flag Officers or Committee persons, the Immediate Past Commodore, the Captain of Sail elected under the provisions of Rule 26 and the Game Fishing Representative shall also be members of the Executive Committee with the same voting rights and privileges as a duly elected Committee person.


Rationale – Having a full Executive Committee election each 12 months makes stability of planning and purpose hard to achieve. Members and Management need some certainty to the direction of the Club. Half EC elections at AGMs is more likely to allow expertise to grow amongst Committee members. Members will still retain the right to call an SGM to remove EC members who are not performing.



Proposal 6 – Finance Advisory Board to have ¼ election at each AGM.


Amend Rule 28(g) and create new Rule 28(h) as follows with effect from 1 January 2017:


(g)          A member once elected to the Board shall hold office until:-

(i)            they cease to be eligible to hold the position on the Board; or

(ii)           they absent himself from three consecutive meetings of the Board without reasonable justification; or

(iii)          they resign; or

(iv)         they are dismissed from office by the Executive Committee for gross misconduct in their capacity as a Board Member; or

(v)          any other person is duly elected by the members at a Special General Meeting to the position they hold; or

(vi)         they are required to vacate office by operation of subclause (h).


(h)          At least one position on the Board shall be vacant at and subject to election at a Special General Meeting each year, such meeting to be held immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting. Such vacancies shall arise or be identified by the following means:

                (i)            By operation of subclauses 28(g)(i) to (v);

                (ii)           By operation of rule 21(c)(Xiii); or

                (iii)          The longest-serving Board member who has held office for four years or more shall vacate office for the purposes of this rule; or failing these alternatives

                (iii)          a Board member may volunteer to vacate office in writing to the Honorary Secretary; or

                (iv)         a vacancy shall be determined by the Honorary Secretary drawing lots.


Rationale – current FAB elections may theoretically be “for life”. As a Club run for the members, this may lead to insufficient ability of members to periodically review the composition of the Board. ¼ Board elections each year will enable this without causing instability. Board members who vacate office for the purposes of these provisions may stand for re-election. 

Noticeboard ~ Come try Outrigger Canoeing
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Come try Outrigger Canoeing

Every Tuesday @5:30pm - 6:45pm

  • Paddlers must be competent and confident swimmers; a swom test may be required
  • Bring your own water
  • Wear comfortable clothing which you don't mind getting wet in
  • Valuables don't like salt water; leave them at home
  • Membership forms are available at RPYC reception or via email
  • Anual membership fee is K200/person

For any queries, email us at konedobu.vaa@gmail.com

Noticeboard ~ RPYC’s Vision 2015
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RPYC’s Vision 2015

Commodores Cocktail  Speech – Saturday 11 April 2015

1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Commodores cocktail which, obviously precedes the launch of the sailing and boating season

2. On behalf of the EC I thank you all for giving us the privilege to provide stewardship over this wonderful club of ours in the next 12 months. I know there are challenges. We have a diverse team bringing different skill sets and experiences to the table and we look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. We will of course engage with you and have ongoing conversations on issues that matter to all of us

3. May I take this opportunity to thank the past Commodores and their executives for laying the foundations and building the club up to where it is today. I want to again on all our behalf thank Sir Dadi Toka for making this land available enabling RPYC to relocate to this premier location and put in all these facilities

4. Certainly we want to also thank the last commodore and his EC for their contributions in the last 12 months. We will continue to see through some of the projects that they have initiated, especially the current works on facilities improvement.

5. But there is still much to be done.   We are a “broad church” with a membership that has varied expectations of its club.  We will review the 5 year strategic plan to ensure it aligns with expectations of the broader membership, which we will verify via our membership database and the survey.  The club has the rights to further space into the harbour – we will actively explore options to make use of this space with further mariner facilities with more space for hard stand, engineering and chandlery facilities.

6. Any expansion to the club outward is limited by space. The only way is upwards. We need to maximise the limited space that we have. Wouldn't it be nice to have a swimming pool so mums and dads and the children can come and have a nice family day out or evening by the pool side. Wouldn't it be nice to have a first class menu that is appetising and enticing so members and guests can come and discuss business, family and sports on the dinner table in the restaurant, as well value for money counter meals in the bar area. Wouldn't it be nice to have a good board room and conference facilities so we can attract the corporate community to conduct some of their business from within the club facilities.

All of these will require money. It will also require a review of the way the club conducts its business. We will need a marketing strategy to grow the membership and target corporate clients and business houses. This should be "the place" for all their needs. We should offer well targeted sponsorship opportunities.  We will continue to pursue new revenue streams, efficiencies in our own practices, business opportunities and commercial undertakings that will benefit the members.

7. Vision: We envision our club Royal Papua Yacht Club to be the premier yachting and boating club in the country and a preferred club of choice in the community with outstanding facilities, programs and service. The club will strive to be the preferred community for its members.

8. Values: 

We are focused on a set of values which are central to our vision and all that we do

One Club
A yacht club is what it is a yacht club. The club will support the use of club facilities including the marina and the club house for the diverse range of activities from sailing, boating and other sea activities as well as non-boating and sea activities and land based family and social activities.

Openness, Transparency, Innovation & Continuous Improvement
We are committed to continued success by listening, learning and evolving to meet changing and different needs of different interest groups and demographics. Decision making processes should be open, transparent and rational for the common good of the members.

Service & Direction
We are committed to Forster continued improvement and a drive to excellence in our facilities, training, programming and club management. Our restaurant and bar facilities will strive at 5 star levels of service under positive leadership.

Our People
The club recruits, develops and retains highly professional staff that are; able to deliver consistent high quality service with financial responsibility. The club will endeavour to foster a motivating work environment for our staff.

Fairness & Equity
The club will promote an environment that fosters fairness, equity and respect for gender and social and cultural diversity. Everyone will be treated fairly and equitably regardless of their status within the club.

The club is committed to foster a good relationship with the external community, hosting local and national events (for example the hosting of the sailing in the pacific games), engaging in community service where appropriate, and assisting in developing the next generation of sailors and water sportsmen and women.


9. As a team we are committed to continue to improve the operations, facilities, profitability and service to the members and the community


Welcome again and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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