The Club History

Looking Back at The Year 1968

The Royal Papua Yacht Club is one of the premier and long-serving clubs in Papua New Guinea.

It is the small details that will make a big difference

Founded in 1977

The Royal Papua Yacht Club has come a long way since the birth of what was then known as the Port Moresby Aquatic Club in 1921, to the formation of the Papua Yacht Club in 1957, finally the granting of royal charter in 1977.


The beginning of dramatic growth for a yacht club started with a meeting of sailing enthusiasts in the first commodore’s (Mr Arthur Travers) lounge room in Port Moresby in June 1921.

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The Aquatic Club soon built a ‘boat shed’ type clubhouse with a viewing platform on the roof situated approx. half way between the old clubhouse and the fire station, in the seaward side over the water.

The Aquatic Club catered for swimmers and water polo as well as sailing.

Founded in 1977

The Lieutenant Governor, His Excellency Hubert Murray (later Sir Hubert Murray) honoured the new club with his patronage and the first committee was made up of the following members:

Commodore                           A.P. Travers

Vice Commodore                    C.A. Loudon

                                            J. Bennett

                                            N.F. Davies

                                            W.C. Bruce

                                            F.C. Allan

                                            L. Murray

Honorary Treasurer                F.B. Armitage

Honorary Secretary                C.F. Jackson

Judge                                    G. Stewart

Committee: Messrs                 Scribner






Membership fees were fixed at 10 shillings and six pence a year.