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Notice for Intending Boat Buyers,Marina Berth or Hardstand - 2020


Notice for Intending Boat Buyers, Marina Berth or Hardstand Occupiers


BEFORE you buy a boat, acquire a berth &/or hardstand storage please ensure that you obtain confirmation from RPYC. We also ask that if you want to bring your vessel in from outside/overseas you are to see Marina Administration to register and secure a berth and/or hardstand space before you bring in your Boat, Kayak, Canoe, Ski, Hobie or Dinghy.

If you intend to liveaboard, ensure that the boat will be allowed to be used as liveaboard.  Do not assume that because it has been lived on before that this approval will continue.

As a new owner you must apply to the club to obtain the berth – it is not automatic, though the transfer will not unreasonably be withheld.

The process for the seller and buyer, of boats, is as follows:

Per Lease - In the event the Occupant sells the Vessel he shall notify the Club of the sale within seven (7) days, and the Occupant’s entitlement to use the Berth / Hardstand Station shall terminate forthwith and the Club shall be entitled to re allocate the Berth / Hardstand Station”.

If the intending owner wishes to retain the berth then both the intending owner and current owner /occupant will need to complete the berth transfer procedures. See the Marina Administration to get a berth transfer application form to complete and return to the office for Executive Committee’s inspection and approval.

Should the new intending owner wish to Liveaboard, it will also need to be viewed and approved by the Executive Committee, as an approved Liveaboard vessel. They will inspect the vessel using the liveaboard guidelines. See the Marina Administration office to get a copy of the liveaboard registration form and guidelines for both your information.

After approval of the Berth Transfer & Liveaboard Status you will be required to complete the Marina Berth Occupancy Agreement & agree to comply with the Marina By Laws.

All Boats in the marina and hardstand area must always have valid insurance cover (copies to be sent annually to Marina Administration) and will be required to demonstrate manouverability.

Any Queries – contact the Marina Administration Team – Jossie, Malachi, or Eunice at Marina Sports Office ground level.

Noticeboard ~ Rules of Association
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Rules of Association

The club is governed by the Rules of Assocation, which you can download here.

UPDATE: The rules have been updated on clause 20 and 21.

Noticeboard ~ Boat for Hire - Available 7 days a week
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Boat for Hire - Available 7 days a week

MV Diana is now available for hire.

  • 7 Days a Week, Available from 9am - 5pm
  • Charter only, for 1 round trip to Fishos
  • Strictly not for fishing & snorkeling off the boat
  • Seats up to 12 Passengers
  • Skipper and Deckhand supplied
  • K1900 Required upfront (K1400 Hire Fee +
  • K500 Bond Fee
  • K500 Bond Fee will be refunded after completion of charter on condition that no damage to the boat or it’s equipment is caused by passengers

For further details or if you would like to hire MV Diana please visit the Marina Office or email: marinaadmin@rpyc.com.pg

Download the flyer

Noticeboard ~ Guidelines for Live Aboard Vessels - 2020
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Guidelines for Live Aboard Vessels - 2020


Guidelines for Live Aboard Vessels


The Existing Occupancy agreement denotes Live Abroad criteria as being subject to 4 main areas, with the main description in point

(I) the vessel is of sufficient size, is safely manoeuvrable under it’s own power and suitably equipped to sustain living on board. Unfortunately, this description does not fully clarify “Live Aboard” criteria and in order to defuse any confusion, the following guidelines have been developed and are effective immediately.

1. Vessel Length a minimum of 34’ or 10.36m (Deck Length)

2. Shower/Toilet cubicle must be fitted.

3. Boats shall not discharge any untreated sewage or otherwise empty latrines into the Marina. Unless fitted with Holding tanks or Lectra Sans (or similar), occupants must at all times utilise the onshore facilities provided. Must met minimal requirements for plumbing (macerated toilet minimum).

4. Cooking (ie 2 Burner/hot plate stove or microwave) & Refrigeration facilities.

5. Permanent berths/bedding for the number of approved persons.

6. Engine Capabilities to adequately manoeuvre the vessel.

7. Approve Shore Power connection.

8. Adequate Water Storage facilities.

9. Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment as specified.

10. The vessel must be clean, tidy and in a good undamaged condition.

NB: These are intended as a minimum guideline only and may on application to the RPYC be amended dependent upon the vessel’s configuration and length of stay.

Noticeboard ~ Dress Code Reminder
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Dress Code Reminder


Acceptable – Tee Shirts allowed on the balcony at any time.

The following are to passed as effective:

At no time scruffy or offensive attire to be allowed.

Tee Shirts on the balcony at any time.
Singlets not allowed in the clubhouse.
Tee Shirts can be worn in the clubhouse until 6pm.
Swimmer not allowed.
Footwear – No thongs allowed in clubhouse except wet-bar.
Sandals allowed – must have straps across the heel.
Women – NO MIDRIFFS – Torso must be covered at all times.

Inside the Clubhouse

No thongs or scuffs.
No singlets.
T-shirts allowed until 6pm (after 6pm – move out onto wet-bar)
No swimmers.
Deck shoes and sandals are allowed provided they are buckled around the heel.
Open heels are allowed for women provided they are not the scuff type or thong.

Club Balcony

Thongs and or scuff are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
T-shirts are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
Singlets not allowed.
Stubby shorts are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
Swimmers not allowed.

Club Balcony after 6pm

On all weekdays and after 6pm weekends – same rules apply as those for the clubrooms inside.


Basically any dress standards are allowed provided all members have footwear and have on a shirt and a pair of shorts.


Noticeboard ~ Commodore’s Speech Notes 2020
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Commodore’s Speech Notes 2020


Noticeboard ~ Signed FS 2020
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Signed FS 2020


Noticeboard ~ Deferred AGM SGM Meeting notice to members
Home » Noticeboard » Deferred AGM SGM Meeting notice to members

Deferred AGM SGM Meeting notice to members


Noticeboard ~ Members Update CoVID19 - 1

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