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Dress Code Reminder


Acceptable – Tee Shirts allowed on the balcony at any time.

The following are to passed as effective:

At no time scruffy or offensive attire to be allowed.

Tee Shirts on the balcony at any time.
Singlets not allowed in the clubhouse.
Tee Shirts can be worn in the clubhouse until 6pm.
Swimmer not allowed.
Footwear – No thongs allowed in clubhouse except wet-bar.
Sandals allowed – must have straps across the heel.
Women – NO MIDRIFFS – Torso must be covered at all times.

Inside the Clubhouse

No thongs or scuffs.
No singlets.
T-shirts allowed until 6pm (after 6pm – move out onto wet-bar)
No swimmers.
Deck shoes and sandals are allowed provided they are buckled around the heel.
Open heels are allowed for women provided they are not the scuff type or thong.

Club Balcony

Thongs and or scuff are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
T-shirts are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
Singlets not allowed.
Stubby shorts are allowed up to 6pm weekends only.
Swimmers not allowed.

Club Balcony after 6pm

On all weekdays and after 6pm weekends – same rules apply as those for the clubrooms inside.


Basically any dress standards are allowed provided all members have footwear and have on a shirt and a pair of shorts.


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