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Commodore’s Speech 2016 Mid Year Info Session

Commodore Genia’s Speech midyear Information Meeting – 2016


Members of the Royal Papua Yacht Club, fellow Committee members, Club Management, I would like to warmly welcome you to the 2016 midyear information session where we provide you with an update on the operations, activities and direction of where your club is heading.

The year is proving to be a challenging one. We started the year with a major and overdue renovation to our kitchen.  Whilst the required outcomes were met there was no escaping that it took the month of January out of circulation for restaurant revenue in food and beverage. In short we missed out on some K280,000 in revenue.

We welcomed our new General Manager, Mr Aaron Batts, in February who has now settled in and we are seeing some positive initiatives moving into the second half of the year. After sending out the member’s survey (to which we had over 402 responses), we established the key areas of concern reported by you the members.

We moved the security contractor out and took on additional internal security staff to encompass and monitor the entire club in line with direct Member feedback. This has decreased costs and increased member satisfaction. We have also secured the role of a Club Manager whom will commence later this month, which will increase staff competence and ultimately improve the day to day running of the Club floor operations. Another initiative that has been executed is the integration of the Marina and Sports Office. This has consolidated and centralized all administration which will immediately improve the overall communication between departments.

Administratively we have now converted to transactive banking improving back office efficiency and security including the appointment of an internal auditor who focuses on stock takes, daily trading variances etc.

Food Gross Profit (G.P) is performing better than previous years but we are confident can still be improved on; menus are now being changed regularly with the next menu change scheduled for September, and our weekday night themes have changed including German Nights, Pasta Nights to name a couple. Our pre-prepared foods in both the Café and the restaurant have dramatically improved with pastries and desserts, according to direct feedback from our members. Our new Sunday Breakfast buffet has also recently commenced.

Sails café continues to grow both in Food and Beverage with the addition of a new 3D Board menu, and long awaited shadecloth for the children’s playground. We thank our sponsors for these fantastic inclusions (Paradise Food and Beverages).

We recently signed our new agreement with SP Brewery locking in pricing on particular products for our members both on tap and by individual unit, and we continue to negotiate with them re renovations to the wetbar area. You may note we have the lowest prices for our members on these products. We finally filled our quota of 50 pokie machines with the latest NGCB games in the Gaming Room.

The marina continues to see ongoing R&M with equipment only recently arriving after being in transit for 6months from the retailer delaying execution of our scheduled maintenance program. Composite thru rods giving longevity to our pontoons are being installed and whalers being replaced

Of significant achievement was the opening of our new state of the art fuel facility. RPYC first looked into upgraded fuel facilities back in 2014 with Interoil. After Puma took over the retail fuel business, the scope changed to completely replace the old refueling facility with a new facility that could be utilized and enjoyed by members (both boating and for vehicles) for years into the future.

Modern bowsers, including high flow bowsers and state of the art safety equipment are no win place. We also negotiated an agreement whereby funds generated from the PUMA ferry will go towards forecasted improvements of the club such as the Children’s Splash park that is still scheduled to commence in the final quarter of 2016.

The Sailing division has been organizing the participation in the Coral Sea Yacht Race and Sail 2 Indonesia Rally for 2017, and has the 3 Peaks race on this Saturday with media coverage and a solid participation of vessels. The marina itself has had 19 visiting Vessels in the first 6months and remains at an Occupancy of 89% (228 out of 256 berths). We negotiated for 12 of the pacific games boats (lasers and hobies) this year at no cost to the club which are out on weekends being used by members and cadets. We are pushing the Learn to Sail program and have actively engaged several primary schools in the local district giving them an insight to the world of Sailing and Yacht clubs; our future potential members. The division has also hosted Navigation courses as well.

POMSAC’s membership has increased with more interest in weekend dives and snorkeling. The club is currently looking into options to run additional vessels on the weekend in line with this demand.

After a lengthy delay we also saw PACSAR back in the water, after some serious damage incurred whilst rescuing a visiting yacht, and a great response from Volunteers for 2016 whom we acknowledge; I also acknowledge Sue and Dave Thompson for their dedication to PMGFC over the years (and specifically the Joker Draw) and would also like to congratulate Mr. Craig Burrows on his appointment as President of PMGFC who continue to run Fishing events, Pewee Fishing and competitions.

On the note of welcoming, we have also filled the roles of Honorary Treasurer, Mr. Terry Furphy and Social Secretary, Mrs. Sandra Furphy who are both actively pushing for better results whether financial or fun for our members. We have re-introduced ladies sunset club, trivia nights, kids and adults movie nights, new bands for the jam session, new international bands, Produce and Art markets, and many more options for members this year from a club social point of view. Internal digital advertising has also been an initiative this year with 3 dedicated TV’s and a projector promoting events and social functions.

I must report, however, the first half of the year has not all been smooth sailing, we have seen a 23% downturn in membership, indicative of the current economic climate we face in Papua New Guinea.  We continue to see approx. 50 new members join our club on a monthly basis, and this has raised the question of flexibility of memberships and we are looking into new membership structures that we can offer to reflect the changing environment.  

We recognize that there is not just lower membership but also new restaurant and bar competition.  We are actively looking for ways to counteract these outside influences, including the review of membership and increased social and sporting activity.

We have worked on better interaction and communication distribution to our members than ever before. Our E Newsletters have an improved Click through rate, and we have worked on increasing our member email address book -  which are 12% or 200 plus up on last year. We are driving the online presence with Facebook, social media and our website. Our members can now log on through the website portal.  By the end of this year we will have an online Bill pay service for our members and will have a new Wi-Fi for the entire Club floor with Sails Café as a Hotspot.

Rena Masters our Vice Commodore has been vigilant in driving and encouraging new activities to the club and improving communications; we are in discussions at the moment with PNG Triathlon, who see the potential of operating as a sub club under the RPYC’s banner which again increases exposure, activity and works within our governance and mission statement. We are constantly looking for new and different ideas to promote activity and membership.

Our engagement with you the members is on a continual basis, whether it be the choice of colour palate you want the external of the building to be painted or call for assistance with our Splash Park concept.

As valued members if you have suggestions on improving any part of our Club we want to hear from you; please channel your comments through to club management, attention to the Executive Committee.

Ladies and Gentlemen I thank you for your time and I propose that if you have any questions or suggestions that we leave these until after the Treasurer presents his report also.  Accordingly I hand you over to the Honorary Treasurer, Mr. Terry Furphy.


Commodore Kilroy Genia

9 August 2016

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